Sales management

Sales play a fundamental role in every business activity aimed at profits, development or just survival. Apparently, sales are the source and the sense of any business activity. Companies come to existence to offer products and services which are created for the others and of course they want to exist on the market and be profitable. The sales process is generally very complex and depends on many different factors and conditions on which we have sometimes little influence.
Even when we are convinced that we have the best product, working out an appropriate sales strategy requires from us flexibility and a detailed adjustment of the offer to the customer’s needs. Therefore, a detailed analysis and planning of what and how we are going to introduce on the market as well as which market segment is our target are extremely important issues. We should be aware that even the best plans are eventually verified in practice in the initial phase of the sales process by customers. This is a crucial moment which calls for special attention and the ability to react quickly on the side of the entrepreneur so as they could benefit from entering the market. 
On the other hand, when we are already market players, we must always keep in mind that the whole market environment embracing technology, customers’ needs and trends, competition, legal conditions and market demand fluctuates in time. Being aware of the changeability of today’s business and of what we can and what we cannot influence, we must continuously work on our product and monitor the market, customers, environment, competition and current trends. What is more, we must never forget about the development of our resources.
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