About us

Management Partners is a team of experienced managers with more than a 15-year practice in realization of serious business projects and operational management in middle- and small-size companies. We have managing competencies in the area of business development at the level of management boards, executives and project managers. Our experience covers: defining strategy and development processes, sales and marketing management, new product commercialization and change management in organizations.  

We acquired our key competencies in the ICT industry – one of the fastest developing sectors of Polish economy. We took part in many implementation processes in the area of the Internet, telecommunication, digital television, mobile services, and broadly-understood multimedia. We have also realized several serious development projects in other industries. We have worked both in B2B and B2C, which means that we have a very good understanding of their dissimilarity and specificity.
We gained substantial business practice working for big telecommunication, trade and distribution companies, as well as for some private and institutional investors. It allows us to concentrate in our activities only on the practical aspects of business. We reach high effectiveness of realized projects due to a combination of advisory services, taking part in direct implementation of our recommendations and direct engagement in operations within the customer’s organization. Extensive operational experience and executing projects ‘from inside’ definitely distinguish Management Partners on the market.
Our passion are processes such as: strategy defining, implementation of new projects, modeling of new products and their market launch as well as direct operational management and supporting organizations at different development levels. In a word – everything that means business development. We highly value working with other people, sharing experience, inspiring others and taking on new challenges together.











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