Commercialization and market entrance support

Continuous development, perfecting the offer, creating new products and launching them to the market are the basis ensuring stability of any organization, preservation and enhancement of its market position.
In case of small companies or companies just entering the market, efficient and fast product/service commercialization is of fundamental importance for the organization. It often decides about the whole future of the company. Creation of a new product or service is usually a very complex and costly process involving many different and interdisciplinary activities. It requires a very close cooperation between people with different competencies and therefore it is often realized with the use of the project approach.
Experience, especially of small companies playing in the sector of new innovation technologies, shows that the initial phase of product creation is highly focused on technological aspects, usability and functionality of the product itself. In the initial phase activities such as market launch, marketing and sales are very often of secondary importance. As a result, the risk of project substantially increases. On the other hand, early prototyping processes, pre-launch market tests and early analysis of customers’ opinions highly boost the success probability.
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