Our Offer

The offer of Management Partners covers a wide range of managerial services in the following areas: strategy, business development, products/services commercialization, sales and marketing. Unlike typical consulting companies, we concentrate on direct, operational engagement in the realization of recommended activities. We not only support our customers ‘from inside’ of the organization, but also perform for them scheduled tasks on the market.  
Our offer is dedicated especially to companies looking for new market opportunities, planning to implement new products or those in need of any expert or operational support. We have an experience in working with large, middle-size and small companies (including those established with EU founds support). We understand the specific of each development stage, so we are able to adjust our activity to customer’s requirements depending on its organization size and operations scale.
We invite you to learn more about our general services portfolio:
Strategy and planning
·         Analysis of economic environment, market opportunities and threats
·         Defining and implementation of strategies and development initiatives
·        Construction of operational plans and strategic initiatives as well as their internal communication
·         Implementation of measuring tools for strategy evaluation and monitoring
·        Construction of business plans, financial models, operational budgets and controlling tools
Commercialization – support in the market entering phase
·        Planning processes of creating new products/services and their commercialization
·        Support for development processes in the area of ICT, sales and marketing
·        Constructing price lists, discounting models and rules for promotions and clearing methods
·        Defining legal rules for providing services, creating of regulations for sales and promotions
·         Taking part in prototyping processes, market surveys and analyses of results
Business development management
·        Comprehensive planning and realization of development activities
·        Internal organization analysis, its business environment and potential of the industry
·        Value chain analysis, search for development potential and driving forces
·        Product development, marketing and financial analysis, defining of price-margin strategy
·        Sales process management, building-up and development of sales channels for B2B and B2C markets
·         Support in geographical expansion and entering foreign markets
·        Analysis of potential synergies for partnership cooperation in the area of product, trade, and competencies
·         Operational support during changes in organization, restructuring and business process reengineering
·        Activities and changes in the area of HR and enhancement of soft competencies
·        Implementation of project management rules, task prioritizing and resource allocation 
·        Direct management of projects and portfolios of projects within the organization
Operational support and interim management
·        Temporary organizational/management support
·         Short-term support in the area of missing competencies
·         Managerial support for the highest levels of organization
·        Crisis management
·         Direct involvement in development and implementation processes
Sales management
·        Comprehensive commercialization of products, services and business undertakings
·        Analysis of the market, competition, customers’ behavior and efficiency of sales channels
·        Undertaking innovation design (product, market, customer, pricing)
·        Planning of sales and marketing activities
·        Operational management of sales processes (management, recruitment, salary, incentive schemes, etc.)
Team building and trainings
·        Recruitment, organization and building-up of strong teams especially sales teams
·        Dedicated trainings and business coachings
·        Support in building-up of self-teaching organizations
·        Supporting leaders in building-up efficient organizations
·        Creating systems of information and experience exchange











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