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We are a dynamic and modern organization acting in the area of Business Development in the broad sense of the term. We help our customers define the strategic directions of their development and discover possible competition advantages. We not only support companies in the area of products/services defining and management but also prepare market analyses, sales forecasts, budgets and pricing policies.
We also organize sales structures and build up sales channels. While taking part in team-building or helping companies go through the change processes, we support our activities by a wide range of training systems and by our competencies in the area of so-called soft HR, which we consider to be a crucial factor enhancing the power of an organization.
We offer our services to very young organizations (even start-ups) to support them in commercialization of their undertakings, as well as to larger entities which need operational and competent support to continue their market growth. We also work readily for companies which have already have achieved a stable position but very often need to go through difficult changes to be able to maintain their status.
We invite to cooperation especially companies from the ICT sector, which we can support with our extensive expertise, efficiently completing their competencies with our deep knowledge and business practice.


The Mission of Management Partner is:

Supporting entrepreneurs and organizations
in reaching strategic goals through operational
activities in the key areas of business development.
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