Sales management - offer

We willingly support both young, rising organizations, as well as larger ones by sharing our broad experience and knowledge in sales and their planning, organization and management. We undertake full-commercialization projects for new enterprises like seeds or start-ups and other companies developing new business lines. Our activities are comprehensive: from product and market analysis to management of created and trained sales structures.

We also cooperate with enterprises at a higher development level or already developed which expect faster growth or which have encountered sales problems. We readily engage in planning changes or operational implementation of them. In such cases we prepare our recommendations, based on an objective, external analysis, which cover market/product aspects as well as a portfolio of necessary internal changes aimed at increasing efficiency and achieving expected results.
As for the area of sales organization and support, we work efficiently for service providers as well as trade and production companies. We know how important for service providers - especially for those whose activity is based on a subscription model – is the ability to create and maintain good relationships with their customers. We also understand the importance of a good distribution model and appropriate marketing support for trade and production companies. Thanks to our long standing experience, we adequately use internet technologies in the sales process – as a sales channel, as a way to communicate with the market and as an internal tool to support the sales process and organization.
We offer our experience and involvement on B2B and B2C market in direct, indirect and mixed sales models, covering for you the following areas: 
·         Entire commercialization of products/services/business undertakings
·         Analysis of market, competition, customers and sales channels
·         Creation of undertaking innovation (product, market, customer, pricing)
·         Sales and marketing planning
·        Operational sales support in:
·  building of sales structures and recruitment processes
·  defining salary and commission models
·  product/sales trainings
·  day-to-day management of sales channels and result/efficiency controlling
·  management of development and changes in sales









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