Business development management - offer

Business development in the broad sense of the word belongs to the area in which our team has the most extensive experience and competencies. As top-level managers we have managed many development processes, especially in companies from the ICT sector. Thanks to thorough understanding of the essence of development, we can offer our operational involvement in planning and realization of such processes via internal audits as well as analyses of business environment and potential of the industry sector. We analyze the value chain, we look for the growth potential and we indicate possible development leverages.     
We undertake activities related to the market launch of new products/services. We cover a large scope of product competencies – from the idea of conceptualization, marketing analysis, price/margin strategy building and promotional activities to the direct managing of sales processes. We directly and operationally develop sales/distribution models both for B2B and B2C market. We organize and support sales processes in direct and indirect sales channels (partnership relations). We help companies in their geographical expansion – also in terms of entering foreign markets. Thanks to our good understanding of market situation we indicate possible synergies in such areas as: product, trade and competencies, supporting in this way creation of partnership relations in B2B area.
We possess practical experience in restructuring and business process reengineering in small and middle-size companies which went through the acquisition or consolidation processes. We understand business consequences resulting from changes at the ownership level. Therefore, working operationally, we focus on organizational restructuring, attaching special significance to so-called “soft HR aspects”, which influence substantially further development of a newly created organization.

As for larger organizations, we implement project management rules adjusted to the specificity of the company, the market, business processes and HR structures. We believe that the ability to create time-limited, interdisciplinary, goal-oriented structures supported by appropriate working and management methodology is of key importance for the efficiency of business development activities. We support companies in task prioritization, allocation of resources and management of project portfolios. In most complex structures we directly take over the project management process as project managers or supporting steering committees.  











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