Strategy and planning - offer

Our extensive experience allows us to support efficiently companies in the processes of analysing, defining and implementing of strategies. As practitioners, we prepare plans for operational implementation and internal communication of strategies within the organization. We support also companies in the implementation of management tools for the measurement of efficiency
We also create business plans for macro-analyses and operational budgets for day-to-day management of the company. We also have competencies in the financial analysis and building-up business models supporting strategic decision making. Our deep knowledge of the Polish ICT market helps us diagnose correctly the undertaken development initiatives. Moreover, thanks to our experience (especially on the ICT market) we are able to recognize and define correctly the chances and threats appearing on the market, as well as indicate potential synergies with activities undertaken by other market players.
Our direct involvement into operations inside the organization not only distinguishes us from the traditional approach of consulting companies, but above all it makes our recommendations reliable. We are convinced that such approach significantly increases the efficiency of our activities in the area of strategy creation and implementation.
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